Thursday, June 7, 2012

Venus Transits the Sun

Image Credit : Osvaldo Quintero 
This was so beautiful to see with my own eyes! I made my own solar eclipse glasses and was awestruck when I first noticed that little dot passing over the sun. At about 6:30 PM EST on June 5, 2012 I got to see this once-in-a-life-time event. I missed the one in 2004 because I wasn't aware of it. I didn't pay much attention to astronomical events at that time even though I really liked astrology, but I will quote myself in a recent discussion about the 2004 Venus transit: "I remember the one in 2004. I definitely went through a huge shift in my consciousness. I suddenly started meeting with events & people in rare chance opportunities in which the resulting interactions brought about doorways that opened up to new dimensions of being."

So that sums up my experience for 2004, but can I say the same for this year?  Well, I'll have to pay attention to the details of my life and wait and see.
But here is something interesting that I still have yet to analyze:
The day before this, on Monday, June 4, 2012, I was introduced to a girl who's birthday is 3 days after mine and who is also 3 years older than me.  Her interest and depth of knowledge upon astrology is similar to mine!  This was really cool because I have never met anyone with the same amount of interest and knowledge of astrology as myself.  I'm sure we will become good friends, and I feel like this is part of what the Venus transit has brought into my life.  Also this girl looked just like a girl in my dream the night before which was a dream about acquiring the right flowers in  a flower shop......
Then less than an hour later, one of my friends gave me 40 dollars that she owed me, but in which I nearly forgot all about, so it was  a surprise to get some "extra" cash that night.  Then on my way home I was passing by a flower shop that was closed and it was trash day and in one of the bins were numerous bouquets of flowers!  I took two bouquets and they looked similar to the ones in my dream from the night before.
 I had this feeling that this was an act of Venus; giving me a friend, money, and flowers, all within 2 hours!  My lucky day I guess.  But what is luck if not just an auspicious placement of the planets in the sky in relation to your natal chart? 

I still have yet to analyze much about this Venus business.

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