Monday, August 2, 2010

Moon in Taurus

As the Moon entered Taurus, I felt like I could calm down.  Yes there is still hard work to be done, but the feeling is that I can take my time.  Taurus energy that is being projected from the moon can make you more patient, persistent, enduring, and concentrated no matter what is at hand.
For the intellectuals, sitting down for an hour straight to catch up on finishing that book, is no problem at all.  A game of chess can also be a good way to spend time with a good friend or partner.

There is also this super creative side that just wants to make the world look prettier.  Painting anything whether it's a master piece work of art, or that little wooden stool, what ever it is, painting will be a sure pleasure. Crafty ideas will come and go.  Act on them!
During this time also, watch out for stomach aches from over eating or drinking, as for the lunar light of Taurus can make the eyes bigger than the stomach and truly believe that there is always room for desert!

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