Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Moon not in Leo anymore

So the Moon is already in the last day of Virgo, so where was I during the Leo Moon?  Perhaps I was actually at home cleaning and organizing.  Now why would I do that under a Leo Moon?  Well, it is mainly because it was a New Moon.  Every New Moon, even the sloppiest person will find a second to pick up after themselves.   Now while the Moon was in Leo during this neat freak New Moon frenzy,  there was obviously a lot of pride surrounding the activity of making everything I touch become new and fresh. I was arranging my world.  Now who doesn't want to be surrounded by awesomeness especially when they know that they where the ones who created it?
Being self centered was no problem at all.  In fact, noticing others' ego-centric behavior  was a fun show.  Shouldn't we all be kings and queens with shameless expression as long as we all respect each other?  Under Leo New Moon, this is acceptable.

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