Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aries Sun

Here's my astrological excuse for not writing in this blog for a month:

 When the Sun was at the end of Pisces, I was too caught up in my dreams and fantasies to sit down and write.  I  had too many ideas of what great creative projects I could make come true.  The music was too hypnotic and I had to dance to it.  (symbolic happenings here.)  my spirit had to go on a long inner journey to find itself.  And it did.  Thanks, Pisces Sun!
And then the Sun entered Aries, and I had too much energy to sit down and write!  I had to go on long bike rides and accomplish all the errands and impossible demands I put on myself.  When I did remember to write about astrology, I got stuck in my head!  Aries rules the head where all the senses are, but at the same time I would impulsively jump head first into things, spend all my energy initiating projects but finishing the too many projects was too much to handle.

One thing I did, was buy books.  I couldn't help it.  I would see good deals and buy it!  I like to collect astrology books and books on dreams.  I also buy all types of "spiritual" books that are in good condition and then sell them right away.  "spiritual" books go fast!

Well as you may have noticed while reading this blog entry, I am deeply affected by the astrological seasons.  I see that planning is a weak point during  Aries.  I'd rather just be spontaneous.  A strong point though, is assertiveness.  Aries is not a carpet!  I sometimes have difficulty standing up for myself, but I was surprised at myself the other day; I really was not afraid to let someone know that I was not a carpet!  Thanks Aries Sun for that much needed extra boost of confidence!

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