Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taurus the Gardener

The Moon is in Taurus.  
I wasn't remembering this when I went into the dollar store and got excited about how I could buy 3 packages of parsley seeds for just one dollar.  My first instinct was to go for the flower seeds, but my Virgo Earth Sun sign kicked in and forced me to choose the more practical and healthy choice.  

However, this Moon is urging me to go back to the store to get some pretty flower seeds to plant first thing in the morning.
I really feel like planting something! 

This feeling is stronger than last months Taurus Moon sign because for one thing, it is now spring.  Of course when it is spring, that is the time to plant things and the moon now being in this lovely Earth sign of Taurus which is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and lovely surroundings, then how could anyone not Act now under this Ambitious Aries Sun Shine to go with the feeling of the Taurus Moon to make something Pretty come up from the Earth?

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