Thursday, April 7, 2011

How's Mercury Retrograde Treating You

Mercury went retrograde on March 3oth.   This has actually been a very smooth Mercury retrograde so far! My phone has been working fine, my transportation is nothing to complain about, and I'm on the internet right now, and it's all going smoothly.

The one big thing that I have noticed though that is planet Mercury retrograde related is that I have been going back in the past to retrieve things that I have forgotten about.  I somehow now have the time to finish projects that I started a long time ago or even start projects that were only an idea a long time ago.  

Mercury retrograde is the time to stop and back track before you proceed any further without checking off your list that you made so many yesterdays ago.

Sometimes this is forced upon people by things like, appointments being canceled at the last minute, the cell phone call gets disconnected, their tire goes flat, there computer crashes without warning, they didn't get that email....etc. 

Situations like these will make it seem like a challenge to move forward.  Instead they have to turn back to figure things out and find a different route.
So if you are having one of those "bad" Mercury Retrogrades, don't worry, as sometimes it's just meant to be to forget your keys or you coffee mug inside the store. There's a reason for everything!

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