Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Moon in Cancer!

The Full Moon is in Cancer tonight.  
Well first of all the Sun has been in Capricorn for the past 28 days.  Capricorn is all about responsibilities and reaching the top of the ladder no matter what activity or business you are into, it's got to be top notch. 
It has been very acceptable and highly suggested to be a workaholic these past 4 weeks.
Even the pan handlers on the street are meaning business, and people on vacations are seriously relaxing in ways that makes it seem like hard work, striving to reach the peek of their relaxation. 

Also, Capricorn season started off just the day after an Eclipse of the Full Moon on December 22nd, so that is intensity upon intensity, and this night it has come Full Circle. If you have not been sleeping very much this past month, it is totally normal as "sleep" is usually not in Capricorn Sun's planner.

Now imagine a bird racing around, zipping here and there, and everywhere, gathering sticks to make her nests.  The drive is for comfort and privacy even though they appear to be totally "out-going" and social it's all about the security of home and family. That is the Moon in Cancer.  

But while this moon phase is opposed to the setting of the Capricorn Sun, there is a vibe that could make one feel TORN, between going out, willingly sacrificing their "comfort zone", to be ambitious and successful about everything in the public eye OR needing to stay home and make everything comfortable and perfecting and protecting their private life.

The statement I give for this full moon is, 

"Taking care of business at home like you're getting paid for it!"

And personally, this sun and moon combination must have a lot to do with the fact that I "mysteriously" felt like finally reviving and updating this astrology blog.
It's "Serious Business"(Capricorn Sun) and I am
"Peacefully at Home"(Cancer Moon). :-)

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  1. Thanks for the info!! I totally feel like this lately! So accurate!!
    Joey L ;)