Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Unmistakable Birthday Power!

Welcome Aquarius Sun!  

I had the pleasure of celebrating the start of the Sun of Aquarius on the night of January 21st by attending a double birthday party of 2 of my brother in laws.  One of them was born on the 21st and the other, on the 22nd and they were turning the same age.  

There was eight of us all together for this birthday get-together, so we decided to play a card game.  The game was called, "Signal". After a couple of fun rounds we changed partners and the 2 birthday boys became partners.
They won.  And then they won again. I them told them in a sarcastic kind of way, "Oh, you're just running off of that birthday luck!"

But then they won again!  And we all joked saying, "We are just letting you guys win because it is your birthdays!"  Actually this was not true.  It's not the kind of game that you could just 'let' others win.
When they won a fourth time in a row, this was becoming amazing.

One of the birthday boys, the one who's birthday is on the 22nd said, "It is almost midnight, and at that time, the power of our birthdays will be combined, and we will defeat you all!"
It was quite dramatic and amusing indeed, but the atmosphere was not serious at all as we just kept on laughing.

Then the birthday boys went in secret to come up with a new signal.
When they came back, the cards were dealt and after only a couple of minutes the dog, that went outside, barks, and the first birthday boy calls out, "Signal!" and the cards of the other birthday boy are thrown down and he has it! 

We are all shocked!  We ask, "How did you guys do it?!" And they say that because of the Power of their Birthdays combined, they just both "knew" that when the dog would bark then that would mean one of them would have the right cards.

Unbelievable!  They put trust into a random event to mark the perfect time! All with having absolute faith of having "The Birthday Power" on their sides!

By the way, these guys are in no way clairvoyant or into any type of psychic stuff as far as I know, so this was just pure miracle!

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  1. That's amazing!! And I love that game Signal!! Played it alot in highschool!!
    Joey L