Monday, January 31, 2011

New Moon

The New Moon is coming!  One thing that I have always noticed that happens during a New Moon is that everybody is cleaning.  

There was a time that I lived in a house with 3 other room-mates and we would wake up and start cleaning our bedrooms and doing all sorts of nitty-gritty chores. It was not planned. We didn't speak about this at all.  I was actually surprised to come out of my room after cleaning it for hours and find that the others had been doing the same. 

Only later I would see that it was a new moon.  This was back when I didn't pay too much attention to the moon so it took me a long time to notice this trend.  

Now it is so obvious.  So many times when I talk to someone on the phone around the new moon, they tell me that they have been cleaing all day or rearranging their furniture, or are "finally" getting organized.
I was just sitting in my kitchen before writing this thinking, "I really should mop the floor....and it would be nice to clean out the clutter in that hallway closet..."  Then I remembered, "Of course, the new moon is coming! No wonder I'm starting to get these ideas "out of nowhere", it's the New Moon!"

So even if I don't get around to it today or tomorrow, I'm sure it will manifest by the 2nd and 3rd day of February, and I will not be surprised when I hear of others also making their house like new.  

After all, the Moon does rule the home. It will be interesting to see what the Aquarius new moon will bring into the home as it is a sign of originality and inventions.

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