Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Mercury Retrograde Diary: Days 3 & 4

When things go wrong, blame it on Mercury retrograde!  I wanted to report in a more detailed way of how things are going for me, but thanks to this Mercury retrograde, my schedule had been flopping around with sudden changes one after the other.  Short-term notice is the theme of these past few days.
On the Third day, everything went Not As Planned, and there were a lot of plans. Now today, everything went not as planned again!

I may just have toremember to carry a notebook with me and take notes througout the day and update this little diary on the days and hours that I can squeeze in.  Right now, I am exhausted, thanks to Mercury retrograde (lol) so I have to go to bed now to prepare for another day of the unexpected.

(I do plan to update these past 2 days with more detail later on...)

forgive me for the many know!

Mercury Retrograde Diary: Day 11....Already!

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