Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Mercury Retrograde Diary: Day 1

I thought it would be interesting to keep a diary specifically focusing on this transit!

So Mercury going retrograde started at 13 degrees Leo which is in my fourth house.  My fourth house starts at 3 degrees Leo so most of this transit will be in my fourth house except for the last 3 days, it will be traveling back into my third house.

Well here is what happened starting last night as it was 10:16pm when Mercury started going retrograde:

I went to work at the office around 7:30pm.  I didn't have to be there so late, it really was my choice.  I could have worked at home, but I just didn't feel like being home. Then around 4:30 in the morning I left, got on my bicycle and started to ride to someone's house that I take care of sometimes while they are away on vacation.  I have rode my bike there many times which is the same route that the bus goes and I have taken the bus there over a hundred times.

As I got into the neighborhood I was riding for a few minutes and felt like I passed the turn I was supposed to take.  Everything looked so unfamiliar.  I actually turned around and backtracked for a couple of minutes until I realized that I didn't go far enough in the first place, so I turned back around.  I didn't remember it being this long down the same street, I just kept on riding, waiting for that one street to come up to turn left on.
Again, I thought that I passed it, but knew I didn't.  I found the right street. It was so strange how mixed up I felt about directions that should be very familiar to me.

I got to the house and everything was great. Later, I wanted to go to the store. As I was putting my shoes on I ended up looking at the bottom of my right shoe.  These shoes are fairly new, but I was surprised to see a chunk in one spot on the sole of this right shoe was worn away!  I knew it was because my bike's right peddle is missing and only has that narrow bar to put my foot on but I didn't know it was eating into my shoe....

As I rode home my right foot started to ache.  Looks like I may need new shoes. Too bad it's just the right one that is messed up.  And yes, this is a wake up call, I should fix that pedal.  I've been riding around with one pedal for a year now.  Ha ha, I just got so used to it, I hardly know the difference.

So tonight, I checked my voice-mail messages. (I have been checking it like every 2 hours for the last 2 days, being obsessed with getting a call for a job that I want) Every time I checked it though, it would say you have no new messages, which was a bummer to me.  But tonight, just an hour ago, I check the voicemail and it says I have a new message.  I was happy to hear that it was someone about a job that I have been waiting for.  I press the option to hear the date and time they called.

It says they called YESTERDAY at 5pm!!!!  I must have check my voicemail like a dozen times since yesterday.  I would have called back right away.
Well, I called them back and it went to their voicemail.  I hope my chance hasn't been blown from the delay in my response.  Wasn't my fault that my voicemail lied to me! lol

Oh, Mercury Retrograde!  Look what you did!  ha ha.

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